Website Support AgentThe Transform Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the 2018 round of its Charity Website Grant Programme. Please check the eligibility criteria for the grant and read the FAQs and Why Applications Fail.

The programme, which is run by the Transform Foundation, offers charities a grant to enable them to redevelop their website to ramp up their online income and increase their charitable impact. It has so far helped charities raise more than £9.5million in donations.

Nonprofits interested in a Charity Website Grant should visit the Transform Foundation’s website to apply.

Successful applicants typically have an annual income of between £350,000 and £30m, but charities of any size with the ambition to grow – or with a single project in mind – are warmly encouraged to get involved.

The £18,000 grant covers the bespoke strategy, design, build, training and launch of a new, mobile optimised website and winners must cover ongoing support fees for a minimum of 12 months. The websites will be built by Raising IT, who are the technology partner for the programme.

The Transform Foundation believes nonprofit projects should be able to make a difference to the greatest number of people. As a result, the Charity Website Grant Programme is just one of many programmes that they are running in 2018.

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