WordPress, which powers over half of the entire Internet today, is getting better and stronger day-by-day with several new incredible features added to it after every update.

However, if you’ve ever noticed, most of the WordPress updates are either about fixing potential security issues or enhancing user experience. While 2016 was dominated by the discussion of video headers, hamburger menus, one-page (parallax) themes, REST API and others, WordPress has brought a lot of new exciting things for both developers and users in 2017. Let’s look at what’s trending in WordPress arena right now!

Mobile-first and Age-Responsive Design:

Being a veteran WordPress developer, you must have already heard of mobile-first design before. For those who are not familiar with the mobile-first approach, this means designing a website primarily with mobile devices in mind and then scaling it up for desktop use. With nearly 70% digital media consumption is from mobile devices, it would be wise for any WordPress professional to meet the demand of a majority of users in 2017.

While ‘responsive design with a mobile first approach’ is only the first step to cater to users’ needs, the idea of age-responsive web design is all about making sure the website will look, behave, and display content according to the personal needs or age of the user. Perhaps you have not implemented this new game-changing technique yet, but if you want to make your WordPress website accessible to everyone, the age-responsive design is something you will have to adopt eventually.

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