Woman using a calculatorFirst Stop Web Design are pleased to announce the New Flexi-Credit Top-Up option.

Currently we offer various ways for our customers to top-up their maintenance support credits under the ‘Fixed-24-Support’ service options.

These include a fixed top-up to an optimum balance, payments over extended periods by Direct Debit and quarterly fixed invoices.

With the New Flexi-Credit Top-Up option;

  1. We will notify you when your credit balance falls below £100 (or your average quarterly spend *) whichever comes first
  2. You will have the option to use the existing fixed top-up option or the new Flexi-Credit Top-Up
  3. Flexi-Credit Top-Up units come in blocks of £50 – Choose the number of blocks required based on your own ‘guesstimate’ or the estimated average quarterly spend *
  4. The Customer Agreements currently in place for ‘Fixed-24-Support’ customers remain valid

What this means for customers not currently using our ‘Fixed-24-Support’ support packages?

  1. You can spot-purchase Flexi-Credit Top-Up blocks (as above) and bank them with us in case you need some emergency or short-notice intervention with your website(s)
  2. With credit already banked, we will be able to get on with making changes, fixing problems or addressing virus and hacker issues more quickly and efficiently
  3. Spot-purchases of Flexi-Credit Top-Up’s does not require a Customer Agreement, but a statement will be included in the purchase invoice

Please Note:
Existing ‘Fixed-24-Support’ customers will be given the option to choose the Flexi-Credit Top-Up option when their next top-up reminders become due.

Contact us if you have any queries: