Email & EnvelopeAs an email signature software company, Exclaimer sees a lot of signatures. They see what a lot of companies get right and what they get wrong. So, in time-honored fashion, here’s a checklist of the most common points that even smart, savvy signature users get wrong.

Do Make It Social
Social media is on the mind of every marketer right now – use your signature to connect social with mail. Firstly, give contacts a taste of your content: put a recent Tweet or a blog post snippet (the whole post won’t fit) under your signature.

Then, add a social media link so they can Twitter Follow or Facebook Share in a click. Unilever added a Follow link and went from 40,000 Followers to 235,000 in just 10 months – for free.

Don’t Do It Yourself
The number one biggest mistake on signatures is inconsistency across the company because each employee has made his own. One might have a logo from 1994; the next might be using a logo that’s 1,013 pixels wide – beside a misspelled address.

Use the same template across your company. Make sure every signature matches a professional, stylish format that you’ve approved..

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Some handy email signature generators: