AFS Analytics Web Analytics

Analytics made easy

Real-Time Dashboard! Easy to install! Easy to use! Right Now report! AFS Analytics provides one of the best web analytics service using the latest technologies. And it’s free!

Get priceless information about your website audience! Analyze your visitor behavior and understand how to improve your website content. AFS Analytics offers you two real-time reports continuously updated. The dashboard displays your website metrics into a single page.

The “Right now” report allows you to monitor the current activity on your website: see how many visitors are on your website and what they are doing right now…

AFS Analytics has been built to deliver ultimate performance. The latest technologies were used including HTML5, JQuery , AJAX and cloud system.

AFS Website Analytics is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

First Stop Customers:

First Stop designers will install (by request) the AFS Analytics plugin FREE of charge for customers using any of our Fixed-Support packages. For others there is a one-off £48.00 installation / setup fee.

Contact us now to enquire.

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