Online Medical - Image Credit hywards at www.FreeDigitalPhotos.netAs a small community collective ourselves, First Stop recognises how financially challenging it can be to keep running costs in check! So, as a show of goodwill we are now offering the new FREEzone Support Programme to any of our customers, even if they don’t already subscribe to a support package.

Existing customers subscribed to any First Stop support package can also claim FREEzone support, and will generally get priority responses.

How does it work?

If you have a simple job that needs doing on your website or social media accounts (e.g. add or update a post/article or page, adjust settings, change logo etc) that can be completed quickly… We’ll do it for FREE!

Free support will apply provided we deem the job could be done within the timescale allowances;

Timescale Allowances:

  • Charities / Community Groups – 1/2 Hour to 45 Mins max
  • Businesses / Enterprises – 20 Mins to 1/2 Hour max

(our individual designers may show some discretion with allowances)

Conditions that apply to FREEzone Support requests:

  1. Our individual designers reserve the right to determine timescale allowances
  2. The work required should be none urgent where possible – there may be a 48 hour job-wait
  3. Our response to requests will mark the start of the job-waiting period
  4. Requests can include work on social media platforms by consent
  5. Requests can include the submitting of support tickets on your behalf
  6. FREEzone Support cannot be used as part of routine monthly maintenance inspections or new web developments or website upgrade projects
  7. The monthly quota of FREEzone Support requests per customer will normally be limited to no more than four (4) or a maximum of 2 to 3 hours
  8. Customers should use this service responsibly. It is not meant to replace premium support

There are no other terms & conditions other than the above, and no agreement to sign!
As long as you’re a First Stop customer FREEzone Support will be at your disposal.

Just contact your allocated design associate(s) or email