Contact - Image Credit Free Range Stock - frhuynhYou’ve just had a terrible car crash. How quickly the emergency services arrive could determine whether you – or the people you’re with – live or die.

Every second counts. If you’re in a built-up area with lots of witnesses, people are likely to call for help straight away. But what if you’re on a lonely road somewhere remote? And what if you’re unconscious?

It’s a scenario none of us would willingly contemplate, but technology developed in South Africa aims to address it, reporting an emergency situation without even requiring a button to be clicked.

CrashDetech’s app automatically monitors your trips using its “smart drive-detection” functionality. It is able to detect a serious car crash simply by using the accelerometer sensors in your phone that measure the g-force of an impact.

The app then pinpoints the driver’s location and dispatches the nearest ambulance – complete with paramedics that know the user’s medical history – automatically.

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