Cyber securitysource: Hosting Facts
archive: 8 December 2015

Don’t want your WordPress site to get hacked? Tighten up your security. I’ve had my site hacked twice. Neither was a particularly fun experience. In short, getting your site hacked = spending your whole day trying to fix things that you don’t entirely understand. And that’s provided that the hack wasn’t of a deep-cutting variety.

Luckily for me, patching a few things and changing my web host did the trick and fixed everything. But not everyone gets off that easily. For instance, I have a friend who not only got his site hacked, but then also lost his whole domain as a result of it.I guess the thing I’m trying to say is this:

WordPress site hacking is much more common than we’d like it to be, and it’s steadily on the rise. There was over 81,000 reported hacked sites in 2009, then 98k, 144k, and 170k in subsequent years.

Then, in 2014 we all lost count with one massive report after another. Literally hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites are taken advantage of every year, and possibly millions remain vulnerable.

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