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archive: 18 December 2008

It’s surprising how much bad copywriting exists online, ranging from PPC ads through to content on websites. Ultimately, this can affect a company’s internet presence and damage any digital strategy they may be engaged in. But how do you create effective, eye-catching copy?  See some great tips here >

The importance of producing high-quality copy can never be underestimated in the online arena.

Studies have consistently found that web pages following best practice for online copywriting outperform those which don’t by over 100%. Equally, research repeatedly shows us that well-written ad-copy increases the click-through-rate whilst often lowering the cost-per-click.

A poorly written advertisement is unlikely to get a good response rate. If a user arrives on a website, only to discover weak copy, they will leave. Badly worded emails will not be opened again, the next time they are sent. And shoddy copywriting can adversely affect your SEO strategy.

Well-written text is undeniably one of the most effective methods of grabbing a user’s attention; so how are pitfalls avoided and successful copy achieved?

Say what you mean, mean what you know
Before you begin writing, you need to understand what message you are trying to relate.

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