Parliament Big Ben from Westminster Bridge - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack Morehsource: Computer Weekly
published: 12 February 2016

With a larger budget than ever before, the Government Digital Service (GDS) is on a mission to transform government services and departments from analogue to digital, something Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock is “incredibly excited about”.

Speaking to Computer Weekly at GDS’s annual event Sprint 16, Hancock says he wants to break down the silos and change the way government operates, not just focusing on “a few transactions, but using digital, technology and data to improve all of the services we provide”.

“We’re on a journey,” he says, from a government that was behind the times to increasingly using digital services. He hopes that by the end of this parliament, we will have a government where “digital delivery of public services is standard practice,” he says.

“The job of GDS is to provide the thought leadership, but also to challenge and support all parts of government, so that people know about the best technology, the best standards and techniques and also so the questions are asked of where we can do better.”

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