Black widow spider in the crosshairs - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack Morehsource: BBC News
published: 26 June 2015

The UK’s National Crime Agency has signed up two security firms to provide up-to-the minute intelligence about hi-tech crime. The deal will help it step up efforts to map cyber crime in Britain and the rest of the world.

Intel Security and Trend Micro will be part of “virtual threat teams” who help take down hi-tech thieves. The firms will help expose attacks and the gangs and computer infrastructure they use and abuse.

Andy Archibald, head of the NCA’s Cyber Crime Unit, said the closer relationship had grown out of collaboration between the law enforcement agency and security firms over the last 10 months.

That collaboration had led the NCA to arrest people in the UK involved in manufacturing malware, running money mules who laundered cash or running hosting services that catered to cyber thieves.

“Security firms have a far greater understanding of the threats in terms of what they see on a day-to-day basis,” he told the BBC. “They have a massively important part to play in terms of understanding and identifying who and where the threat comes from.

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