Wordpress Logo CroppedYou’ve written your post, and your mouse is hovering over the “Publish” button, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve forgotten something…

Don’t worry, WordPress will remind you: “You must select a category before publishing a post.”

And that reminds you, you should pick add a few tags as well.

But when none of the categories seem to really fit your topic, and you’re not sure what tags to add without repeating yourself, what are you supposed to do? File it under “Miscellaneous”?

That’s how many of us go about choosing our categories and tags: just creating them ad hoc as our blogs develop.

But by creating them that way, you’re missing out on a ton of benefits. Taking the time to use categories and tags correctly can boost your SEO, raise your the average time-on-page of your visitors, and provide an overall better experience for your readers.

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