Shop - Bronze PackageFirst Stop Web Design is a successful community collective founded in 2004, and our aim is to ensure that non-profit, faith groups and businesses or community enterprises have access to independent and affordable services, advice and information to help enhance or improve their Internet presence and communications.

Our Design & Go workshops are now being offered as a flexible reduced rate package to infrastructure and hub organisations assisting in their efforts to support voluntary and community organisations to develop an effective and affordable online presence.

The three main principles of Design & Go are to:

  1. Facilitate DIY development of a website for small organisations and enterprises
  2. Provide attendees with the basic skills to manage their website and keep costs down
  3. Provide attendees with peace of mind knowing they have a period of back-up support

Our website builder training session will ensure that organisations, enterprises and businesses get online quickly and efficiently at low cost. Participants get plain speaking and easy to follow tutoring in the setup and management of a basic website (up to 8 pages) and related resources or social media.

This is achieved via:

  • Whole day multi-facilitated session developing a website
  • One-to-one and interactive tuition throughout the workshop
  • A functioning website up and running and on the Internet in a day

If you are interested in hosting one or more of our Design & Go sessions please contact:

Name: Tippa Naphtali (Director of Services)
Telephone: 0843 289 8535 (voicemail service)

Alternatively email;

Name: Alison Leslie (Administrator)