Advertise Online transp - Image Credit Freerange Stock - Stuart MilesThe Ad-Reward Service from First Stop Web Design

Get credits towards design and maintenance time for your website by allowing us to serve advertisements on your website. The service is available to existing and new customers.

Credits are awarded on a quarterly basis and may vary according to the number of click-through commissions on placed adverts.

Subject to suitability of your website to run Google Ads or similar.

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Shop - Click HereHow can the Ad-Reward Service help you?

We offer two flexible options:

  1. First Stop Web Design service adverts/banners
  2. Public Service adverts/banners via Google Ads or similar services

By allowing us to serve First Stop Web Design and/or Public Service adverts * on your website we will provide credits to the equivalent of at least an hour design & maintenance of your website for each quarter. Maximum 12 months – reviewable.

Existing customers who already have fixed recurring billing for any of our services will have the Ad Reward credits added to any existing credits automatically.

* Any Public Service adverts served on your website will be broadly in line with the content of your website. So for example if your content is mainly about gardening services, you would not generally see adverts appear for none-domestic services.

Adverts may also be further varied by your website visitors own browsing habits saved by ‘cookies’ in their Internet browser.

There will undoubtedly be some competitor adverts displayed, but in our experience this has rarely impacted on potential customers using our services, particularly if they were recommended or have used your services in the past. Advertising simply offers your visitors other options and demonstrates your confidence in your own brand.

You can switch between our two flexible options at any time during an agreement cycle.

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